The De-Stressing the Holidays Workshop


Do you know any women who want less stress and more joy and peace this holiday season?

How about a group of women?

The De-Stressing the Holidays Workshop is available to church groups, women’s organizations, small groups, bible studies, co-workers, associations, private parties and even groups of family and friends.

If you know ten or more women you want to bless by de-stressing their holidays, then you’ll want to host a De-Stressing the Holidays Workshop.

De-Stressing the Holidays is a three hour workshop – fun interactive, roll up your sleeves “work,” resulting for each participant in a customized holiday plan that reflects a clear vision for a rich, meaningful, stress-minimized season.


Participants come to the workshop ready to roll up their sleeves and have fun while creating a unique holiday plan.

Participants receive:

  • Encouragement and guidance to consider and implement God’s unique desires for their holiday season.
  • The value of combining their commitment of time at the workshop with the tools offered for exciting results that will maximize joy and peace.
  • A 66 page workbook as a tool for identifying vision and creating plans.
  • Assistance to move beyond just “doing” the holidays step into a rich, meaningful, stress-minimized holiday season.


Here’s what’s being said about the workshop

Click to  hear what Cara says about De-Stressing the Holidays: 

I heard nothing but good things about the workshop! Many ladies asked if we’ll be doing this again next year.
–Karol, Brooklyn Park, MN

I so appreciated your Godly input – centering this material around verses and surrendering our lives and plans to Christ.
–Workshop Participant

Loved the organization of the workbook – this is such a wonderful tool for me! Thank you!
–Workshop Participant

Every December I want to have people over but the days go by and I have not done it. When I attended your De-Stressing the Holidays workshop you had us write our goals and desires for the upcoming holidays. I chose dates that I would like to entertain, started shopping and cleaning earlier so I did not feel stressed. I did entertain more and was able to focus more on Jesus, the reason for the season. Thank you for presenting your Christ-centered detailed, and well-organized material in an easy to understand, relaxed format.
–Sherry, Minneapolis, MN

Great pace! I felt this variety of presentation and then breaks and work time was very effective. Thank you very much. Great presentation.
–Workshop Participant

Having the time in the workshop to actually work on “my” calendar and vision was great!
–Workshop Participant

Thinking about all these things now, in October, has helped me so much!
–Workshop Participant

This was a refreshing new look at dealing with a very stressful time for me. Thank you so much!
–Workshop Participant

The De-Stressing the Holidays workshop has helped me to implement a purposeful plan to make this holiday season full of love and joy. This meaningful workshop has become a tradition for me and I look forward to attending next year.
–Cara, St Paul, MN


Because the De-Stressing the Holidays workshop addresses the season – November thru January – it is best scheduled for your group during October or November prior to Thanksgiving.

The workshop can be customized to meet the specific needs of your group.

The De-Stressing the Holidays workshops are Christ-centered and bible-based. Scripture is quoted from the NIV, KJV and the Message.


 For more information and to schedule a workshop, 
email Linda Hedberg 
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